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For the past 2 years, I've been working on Opportunity Project, increasing awareness about opportunities amongst engineering students, facilitating guidance around leveraging them and encouraging more students to apply to opportunities.

This handbook is a compilation of advocacy, guidance and resources about discovering, validating, applying and securing opportunities from my share of learnings.


What's included in the handbook?

~ Where to find opportunities?
~ How to validate opportunities?
~ Dealing with your inner Demons
~ Dealing with Rejection
~ Approaching the Application
~ Reviewing your application
~ Resolving your queries
~ Essays
~ Recommendation Letters
~ Video Testimonials
~ Resume
~ Best Practices on Applying to Opportunities
~ Improving your odds of getting selected
~ Building some essential skills: Search and Emailing
~ Building your Online Presence
~ Get started Checklist 

How to use this handbook?

So this handbook is an extensive note on applying to opportunities. It covers the approach you must take when applying, includes best practices and also general guidance on some essential skills you should look to build.

Trying to read this handbook just like another book might be a bad idea. When getting started, giving the entire handbook a quick scan should help you get familiarised. And as you start preparing to apply for various opportunities, you may refer specific topics for detailed information and insight.

If you are only beginning to apply to such opportunities, you should definitely read through and see if you can complete our ‘Getting Started Checklist’ to cover the basic necessities to putting in an application.

If you find yourself doubting whether or not you must pursue these, please know that you should. Our section of ‘Dealing with your inner demons’ addresses few common negative feelings you may have while applying to opportunities.

This handbook contains simple, actionable information that’s going to help you put in a winning application to that opportunity you wish to secure.

We hope that you find the handbook useful. As you get started on this amazing journey, do understand that you have our best wishes with you!

Who is this handbook for?

The ideal audience of this handbook would be Engineering students in India interested in applying to tech related scholarships. However, the handbook extensively covers general topics that may apply to anyone looking to write scholarship applications.

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